System Requirements

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 General Information

In the following sections you will find an overview of the system requirements for installing and commissioning various CADENAS GmbH applications.

Important Note
Please ensure that you are not working productively in the network during a new installation and / or an update! Otherwise, data loss and severe restrictions may occur during the process.

NoteIf you are updating a server, it is advisable to carry out a data backup beforehand.

 System Requirements

Operating System Requirements

Proper operation of eCATALOGsolutions within Windows is only guaranteed in conjunction with the system requirements listed below. Installations on other systems are possible with restrictions, but are not supported.

Operating System
for the Client Operation of the Software
Windows 10 / 11
Server Version
for the Licence Server & PARTapplicationServer
Windows Server >= 2016
(corresponds with Windows 10)
CAD specific Server VersionWindows Server >= 2022
(corresponds with Windows 11)

Hardware Requirements


Usual standard, multicore processor

The more users access at the same time, the more cores (<25 = 8 cores and above 16).


Recommendation min. 4GB 

For a larger number of catalogs, definitely more.

Memory Space
5GB HDD (per installed platform)

The storage space requirement depends heavily on the individual requirements. The information in the next point can make it easier to make an assessment:

Data standards & catalogs (incl. index)

The index averages approx. 1/5. However, the proportion varies greatly because the index size depends on several factors such as component type or number of translation languages.

  • Currently available catalogs: approx. 950[a]
  • Annual growth in catalogs: approx. 40
  • If all catalogs are installed, 40 GB storage space is required for the index and 200 GB storage space for the catalogs.
  • If catalogs are located on the network drive, the index should still be cached locally. This means that additional space is required for the cache. The space required for the cache corresponds to the size of the index.
License Servermin. 64 MB; OpenGL-capable; hardware 3D support recommended
Graphic Card(A resolution of at least 1280x1024 is required)

Revision Status: Sept. 2022

Network Requirements

Max. Size/call

Transaction requirement

Software Basic
< 20 MB on restartReplication type: Allsync/rsync

Max. Size/call

Transaction requirement

Software Integration
< 5 MB when starting the CADReplication type: Allsync/rsync

Max. Size/call

Transaction requirement

Data Standards & Catalog Data Index
< 0.1 MB when calling up a parts family

< 1 MB when changing the catalog

Replication type: Allsync/rsync

Max. Size/call

Transaction requirement

Server Service Licenses
not significantIntegrated replication manager / backup server

Max. Size/call

Transaction requirement

Data throughput catalogs per call 

of the subfamily

Bytes per part family: approx. 200 kB

(depending on complexity and table size)



The LinkDB is an optional component and is required in any case for the operation of PARTsolutions with ERP/PDM integration.

Database DriverODBC or JDBC
Data Scope LinkDBHDD: approx. 100 MB/10000 parts (depending on the number and width of columns)
LinkDB data throughput per call Parts family

Bytes per data set = number of loaded columns x character width per column

Total throughput LinkDB = bytes per data record x number of parts in part family

e.g. 5 columns of 20 characters x 500 parts = approx. 50 kB

e.g.10 columns of 20 characters x 1500 parts = approx. 300 kB

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