Error when trying to pull the License Key

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 Error Description

When opening any module, the following error message appears: "Error when trying to pull the license key".

 Possible Solutions

Maintenance Contract expired

Whether the maintenance contract has expired can be seen in PARTadmin via the license management.

If the date of the "Maintenance" license key is in the past, it is highlighted in red and is therefore considered expired. If the maintenance has expired, no new catalogs can be downloaded - everything else continues to work.

Customers with an active maintenance contract will receive a new license file 14 days before the expiry date. This must be stored again in PARTadmin. 

Here you can find more information on this topic → Deposit license file for a single workstation / Deposit license file for a license server

If there are problems with the validity of the license key despite an active maintenance contract, please contact support via the ticket system.

Temporary license is invalid

It is also possible that the temporarily valid license file has expired. This can also be seen via PARTadmin in the license management.

If the validity period has expired and an extension is required, please contact Support via the ticket system.

USB stick with license file is not inserted correctly

If the USB stick with the license file (hardware lock) is not inserted correctly, the stick may not be recognized and the file cannot be read.

In this case, the USB stick must first be safely removed to prevent data loss. To do this, proceed as follows:

01. Click on "Show hidden icons".

02. Right-click on the USB stick symbol.

03. Eject the USB stick.

The USB stick can then be removed from the slot and reinserted. If the license file is still not recognized, please contact the Support via the ticket system.

Connection to the FLM server is interrupted

If the connection to the FLM is interrupted, the license file cannot be retrieved and checked. A missing connection can have several causes. Possible causes include the following:

  • missing access authorizations to the drive or the PC on which the FLM server is located
  • Port 2004 is being used / blocked by other software
  • Anti-virus software or a firewall is blocking the application
  • Third-party software (e.g. a VPN client) is incorrectly configured
  • the server itself is not running or is defective

In all of the above cases, you should contact your own system administrators for clarification.

 Further Steps

If the solutions described above have not helped, so that an error message continues to appear or you have a question about the article, you can contact our support team in writing at any time. To open a ticket, you can register or log in at the top right of this page.

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