License key cannot be loaded

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When calling the application (e.g. PARTdataManager or PARTproject) a notification dialog is

opened with a license error.

Error when trying to pull the license key CNS2009*XY

No product with this license key could be found.

This can happen without opening the application or also with opening.

Error when trying to pull the license key without opening the application

Error when trying to pull the license key and opening the application

Problem analysis:

Normally it makes sense to answer the question Should the license information dialog be

opened for further problem diagnosis? with Yes .

-> The PARTsolutions license information is opened.

Select the tabbed page General: The entry under License type shows that a license of the

type Nodelocked is expected.

Select the tabbed page License selection and open the Details category under Products/AddOns.

In this case, under Flags the entry "Floating", "Dynamic user, AddOn" or "Floating, AddOn" is found.

Tabbed page "Active licenses"

Result of analysis: A server license is used, the license, however, has been installed locally,

in other words not correctly on the license server.

Problem solution:

1. Start PARTadmin.

2. Under Category, select the item License administration.

3. Select the tab Licenses.

Also here it is clear that the license has not been installed correctly.

• On the left under Category, it can be seen that you are in the (local) License administration

and not on the License server.

• In the product line (or several) under Type, "F" (Floating) or "D" (Dynamic) can be seen.

• Under Role, MASTER or MASTER/BACKUP is displayed.

• Under Status, "valid only on FLM server" is displayed. If the MASTER Hostid is correct,

Status "Ok" is displayed. However, at the other attributes you can see that the license

has not been installed correctly. On this see second following figure.

Status: "valid only on FLM server

Status "Ok" appears because the Host ID at the MASTER is matching in this special case. However, type "D"

and "F" is the decisive hint that the license has been installed incorrectly.

4. Remove the license file by clicking on the button Remove file(s) .

Remove file(s)

5. Click on Save 

6. Switch to the tabbed page General.

7. Click on the button Start license server management....

8. Click on Connect... .

-> The dialog Connect to FLM server... is opened.

9. Select the option Configure newly installed license servers.

10. With a single-click, select Master and Backup server and confirm with OK .

11. Switch to the tabbed page Security and enter a password.

12. Return to the tabbed page Licenses.

13. Via Add file... , install the desired license.

Now everything is correct, pointed out by the green color everywhere.

A detailed documentation can be found under Section  License Server ” in PARTsolutions - Administration Manual.

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